Software Bisque iOptron Store Help

How to register on this website

  1. From the menu above, click My account > Register.
  2. On the Register For This Site page, enter your User Name and Email Address, then click Register. A registration confirmation email is sent to your email address. (Check your Spam, Junk, or Outlook/Office365’s Other folder to make sure this email did not end up in the wrong place.)
  3. Open the email and click the link to set your password.

How to log in to this website

  1. Click My account > Log in.
  2. Enter your User Name or Email Address and Password and click Log In.

How to buy TheSky Imaging Edition

  1. From the Home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click click Select Options.
  2. On TheSky Imaging Edition product page, choose the desired Operating System (macOS or Windows) then click Buy Now.
  3. On the Checkout page, click the Click Here to Enter Your Code link, enter your Coupon Code and click Apply Coupon. Make sure the order Total is updated appropriately.
  4. If you have a coupon code:  On the Checkout page, click the Click Here to Enter Your Code link, enter your Coupon Code and click Apply Coupon. Make sure the order Total shows $0.00 USD.
  5. Enter your mailing address and click Buy Now.

How to download TheSky Imaging Edition installer

  1. Click My account > Log in.
  2. Click My account > My Downloads.
  3. Click on TheSky Imaging Edition Full Installer graphic to begin downloading the installer.  Note that the installer is large (about 6 GB) and downloading the installer may take several minutes or more, even with a fast internet connection.

How to Register your Software Serial Number

Software registration occurs automatically when you redeem your coupon code.  You do not need to register your serial number with Software Bisque.  Click the My Account > My Downloads to download to the latest TheSky Imaging Edition installers.

Help! My Coupon Code is not working!

Did you register on this website? If not, click the Register link in the main menu to get registered. Your coupon code can only be redeemed within this website, which is exclusively designed for iOptron customers. (Our other areas will not work for this.) If you mistakenly registered on the wrong website, please start over again, only on this site click here.

For other coupon code-related issues, please email iOptron’s Coupon Support for assistance.

Help! My iOptron mount is not working!

Please contact iOptron’s Technical Support for assistance with your iOptron mount.

How do I get support from Software Bisque?

For issues relating to downloading or operating TheSky™ Imaging Edition, please post your question to TheSky Imaging Edition Support Forum on the Software Bisque website. Note that you must register and log in to the Software Bisque website to post questions.

Where is my serial number?

Your serial number is automatically registered to your account when you purchase TheSky Imaging Edition.

  1. To view your serial number, click My account > Log in.
  2. After you have logged in, click My account > My Downloads. Your TheSky Imaging Edition serial number is listed in the Serial Keys column of the Downloads table.

What is a Software Subscription?

The TheSky Imaging edition software subscription provides ongoing software maintenance as well as downloadable access to the latest software installers and updates with the latest improvements, changes, and bug fixes. The initial purchase price includes $100.00 USD for the first year’s software subscription.

  • Each year after your original purchase date, you can elect to renew the software subscription to continue access to the full installers and the latest updates as they become available.
  • TheSky continues to operate normally if the subscription expires. However, your software installers and software serial numbers will no longer be accessible.
  • If you choose to allow your subscription to expire, be sure to backup of your original full installer and all updates so that you can reinstall TheSky Imaging edition later should that be necessary. Software Bisque does not archive and you will not have access to earlier updates or installers.

See the Software Bisque Subscription Terms and Conditions page for details.